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Water Jet Cutting Services Dandenong

Water Jet Cutting is a widely used industrial processing technique that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut a variety of materials. It is fast, efficient, and has a low environmental impact. MRC Industries supports a range of businesses around Melbourne including the suburb of Dandenong through high quality Water Jet Cutting services.

Whether you need minor or more extensive repairs, we at MRC Industries can provide you with the best possible Water Jet Cutting service.

We are a Water Jet Cutting company based in Bayswater but providing our services all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs with same day or over night freight with same day or over night freight.

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We have been in the Water Jet Cutting industry for 10 years and collectively in business for 17 years. We are here to help you with all your cutting requirements from small to large scale projects.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can offer advice and guidance to ensure you get the best possible results.

We pride ourselves on our ability to cut anything from soft foam to plywood and even stainless steel or metal cutting. We can also cut through foam, steel, aluminium, plastic, and rubber.

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Our Ultimate Waterjet Cutting Services

Our Dandenong Water Jet cutting services include:

CNC Machining Service

In Computer numerical control or CNC machining, the cutter is controlled by a computer that provides complex cuts at challenging angles to create various shapes. This technology has revolutionized manufacturing, making it possible to produce items with incredible precision and detail.

The use of CNC machines allows for the production of high-quality parts in a short amount of time. The software programs enable machines to repeat the required steps to perform a digital design, following the requirements like cutting or shaping parts from metal or other materials.

In addition, CNC machining services can save companies time and money by streamlining the manufacturing process. At MRC Industries, we combine precision CNC engineering with advanced technologies to become your one-stop solution for cutting and shaping parts.

CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is creating a three-dimensional object from a flat metal sheet. The sheet is first cut to size, then bent and folded to create the desired shape. Finally the edges are trimmed and smoothed and assembled into the final product.

Precision CNC sheet metal fabrication is typical in many industries, from automotive manufacturing to aerospace engineering.

At MRC Industries, we offer a wide range of CNC sheet metal fabrication services to our clients. Our team of experts close to the Dandenong area can help you with all your fabrication needs, big or small aluminium, brass, steel or copper you name it we can most likely cut it.

Premier Water Jet Cutting Services

Water Jet technology is a process that uses high-pressure water to cut through almost any material. The method uses high-pressure water with abrasive to cut through most materials. The water is forced through a small opening and garnet is added via venturi resulting in a Water Jet can cut through material 100-150mm.

Water Jet cutting is a non-contact process, which means no heat or sparks are involved, and is ideal for cutting delicate materials. They can also cut intricate shapes and curves, making it the perfect tool for precision cutting.

MRC Industries have a team of highly trained Water Jet Cutters capable of cutting through any material. The process is fast, precise, with the utmost care for the product. We continuously invest in our processes and cutting technology to ensure our customers get the best quality results.

Why Choose Our Waterjet Cutting Service



Latest Technology

We have the latest Water Jet Cutting technology, and our Water Jet cutters use cutting-edge software to ensure the highest cutting quality. Our company is a leading Water Jet cutting service provider in the industry providing services across Melbourne and Dandenong having served many customers and garnering excellent reviews over the years.

Variety Of Materials

With our Water Jet machine, we can cut a wide range of materials such as the following:

  • Thick Steel, titanium, bronze, and aluminium
  • Metal alloys
  • Plastics including HDPE, Polycarb, ABS
  • Ceramics including tiles
  • Rubber including neoprene and insertion, Polyurethane
  • Wood like Plywood, marine carpet, and much more.

Our Water Jet solutions can handle different materials you may need and provide you with an effective cutting result to help your business.

Our All-Inclusive Service

We have a management team of Water Jet experts that are ready to help you every step of the way. We can work with you to determine precisely what cutting material you need and help design it to ensure your product is cut correctly and to your specifications.

Affordable Prices

MRC Industries offer extremely competitive pricing in the industry. We can provide you the cutting services you need at a price within your budget.

Precise workmanship & Unique Service




Our local team are trained to deliver high quality workmanship with strong attention to detail. They will ensure that your product is cut correctly and that you get exactly what you need.

Our customers are our top priority, so we will always be there to answer any questions and ensure that any problems you encounter are addressed immediately.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Machines

Water Jet Cutting is a technology that uses a jet of water to cut through materials. There are many benefits to using Water Jet Cutting, including the following:

  • Water Jet Cutting is precise and can create very intricate designs
  • It is a very efficient process; it can quickly cut through various materials
  • Water Jet Cutting machines are relatively clean process and does not produce much waste material making it a green environmentally friendly solution
  • No heat-affected zones
  • Cutting is a relatively low-cost process.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sharp and clean cutting
  • Easy setup process
  • Operating cost is low
  • No tooling costs

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