Join MRC Industries in Advancing Innovation

MRC industries wants to share Water Jet Cutting with the world and partner with businesses and organisations. Let us know if you could benefit from a sponsorship on a project your working on. If you’re working on a project that aligns with our values and goals, we’d love to explore sponsorship opportunities with you.

Who We Sponsor

University Teams

MRC Industries proudly sponsors university teams engaged in cutting-edge projects such as:

Formula SAE
High-Powered Rocketry
Unmanned Aerial Systems

We recognise the importance of education and the impact that these teams can have on the future of technology.

Motorsport and Robotics

Our sponsorship extends to passionate individuals and teams involved in:

Race Car Builds
Motorsport Competitions
Combat Robotics

We understand the dedication and skill required in these fields and are eager to support those who share our enthusiasm.

What We Look For

We value passion and engagement. To be eligible for sponsorship, we are looking for individuals and teams who are:

Passionate: You have a burning desire to excel in your field.
Engaged: You actively contribute to and advance your domain.
Social Media Presence: You have a strong social media following to share your journey and inspire others.

How We Can Help

MRC Industries, based in Melbourne, is committed to supporting innovation across the country. Whether you are located in Bayswater, Dandenong, around Melbourne, or anywhere else in the country, we are happy to help. Our range of support includes:

Financial Assistance: We can provide financial support to help you achieve your goals.
Technical Expertise: Our team of experts can offer guidance and knowledge in Water Jet Cutting and related areas.
Design: Using our years of experience and cutting-edge software we can help craft the perfect design for your project

Get in Touch

If your looking for a sponsorship partner near you and believe your project aligns with our values and goals, we invite you to reach out to us.

Businesses & Organisations We Have Worked With​